Mr. Guitar Man

I never got the name of the man captured in this photograph so I affectionately refer to him as Mr. Guitar Man, but as I was walking through Little 5 Points he stayed with me and I could never understand why. When I decided I wanted to capture the homeless in Atlanta I was sitting in my car by a homeless shelter near Georgia State University and I saw a block of people wrapped around the corner waiting to get in for the night. I couldn’t believe it and then later on I found that the city was building the new Mercedes Benz Stadium for over 1 billion dollars and I thought to myself if they can build a stadium for over a billion dollars then they should be able to come and help these people. There’s no way a person can ignore the homeless in Atlanta they are literally everywhere I’ve never felt so strongly about a thing, but this mission this mission to eradicate homelessness pulls on my heart like nothing before. I’ve never had such a willingness to get something done, but for these men and women to have a chance at a life they deserve means more to me than anything I’ve ever dreamed of and perhaps that is the dream to be part of a cause that is greater than myself.

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